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Naughty or Nice?

Enter, and you could win a prize that would satisfy even Santa’s “bowlful of jelly!”

Santa’s got a list that he checks every year around this time—twice—but here at Tru Fru, we’re making our own list. The holidays are famously “the most wonderful time of the year,” but they could just as easily be called “the most fattening time of the year.” There are delicious, but unhealthy, treats popping up everywhere you turn.

During this time of year, it’s hard to resist those unhealthy snacks, but we’ve learned that one of the best ways to stay strong is to replace the temptation with a healthier alternative—like Tru Fru!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a few of the tempting treats we’ll be replacing with healthier options this year, and we’d love to hear how you’re doing the same. To encourage this, we’re giving away a sampler pack of Tru Fru to one of our lucky followers. That’s 48 servings of our delicious Tru Fru products.

How to Enter

So how can you enter our contest? There are several different ways, and each will give you another chance to win:

  1. Become a fan/follower of Tru Fru’s Facebook page. (This will also help you to stay up to date on news about the contest and other Tru Fru announcements!)
  2. Like this post.
  3. Tag someone on your “naughty or nice” list
  4. Share this post on your Facebook wall.

The contest goes from now until 11:59pm on December 29th, 2017, so make sure to enter for your chance to win! Once the contest is over, check our Facebook page to see if you’ve won!






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